GLOBAL Trac Pro is the most sold three-circuit lighting track system in the world. It is the quality choice of professionals
and lighting manufacturers. Long experience and 100% quality assurance ensure problem-free operation. Diverse installation options are part of the package. All options are quick and easy to implement and result in overall cost savings.

For Various Spaces

GLOBAL Trac Pro’s high load capacity and circuit-specific control option can be used in many different spaces, including shops, department stores, public buildings, restaurants, airports and offices.

Also for Suspended Ceilings

There is a recessed version of GLOBAL Trac Pro for suspended ceilings, too. The standard colours are grey, white and black, as in all GLOBAL Trac Pro tracks.

Easy To Extend

The modular structure of the system makes it easy to extend and adapt to various needs. Modular dimensions help designers fit the system into the appropriate space and also make on-site mounting easier. Reliable connectors ensure fast and easy installation.

Global Trac Pro models: