Our GA 69 MULTI Adapter is the world’s most sold adapter.

Its quality and reliability are unequalled.

Product testing and 100% quality assurance are an integral part of Nordic Aluminium’s strategy.

GLOBAL Trac adapters

The GA 100 MULTI AdapterTM, designed by Nordic Aluminium, represents the latest innovation in adapter technology. There are no delays in the phase selector switch in the transition from one phase to another. The phase selector switch at the side of the adapter makes the use comfortable. Because both ends of the adapter are fitted with a locking mechanism, it can be removed directly from the track without turning it.

Adapter for all lighting tracks

MULTI Adapters are also designed to work with other manufacturers’ lighting tracks. This means that the light manufacturer or fitter does not have to worry about the track on which the light will be mounted. Nordic Aluminium’s three-circuit adapters include a wide selection of MULTI Adapters. The adapters come in three standard colours: grey, white and black. Adapters include several patented solutions. The materials used are halogen free and flame resistant

For all power supply needs

Continuous product development is essential for Nordic Aluminium. New products include a Schuko adapter. With this product the lighting track can be used for other power supply needs than lighting. It is a useful solution for meeting electricity needs in stores and small industrial premises.

Available Colours 1 - Grey (RAL 7040), 2 - Black (RAL 9905), 3 - White (RAL 9010)